Amazing Spider-Man #121-140 Bound NM 9.0


Amazing Spider-Man issues #121-140 Bound in Near Mint condition 9.0 many key issues the death of Gwen Stacy, Death of Green Goblin, First and Second Appearances of Punisher, and start of Harry Osborn as Green Goblin.  Provenance- The Second City Collection. 

Conan The Barbarian #1-25 Bound NM 9.0


Many say Conan #1 was the start of the Bronze Age, a darker era. Conan #1 also marks Conan's first appearance in comic books. Conan The Barbarian issues #1-25 in Near Mint Condition 9.0. Provenance- The Second City Collection.

Hulk #181 5.0 First Appearance of Wolverine


The Holy Grail of The Bronze Age, Hulk #181 Raw and unrestored, the First Appearance of Wolverine, sharp colors throughout, coupon included. *SOLD*

Marvel Premiere #15 9.4 First Iron Fist


Marvel Premiere #15, First Appearance of Iron Fist in 9.4 NM, CBCS (3rd Highest Graded), very important Marvel Bronze key and gaining more popularity with his own Netflix show!

Luke Cage Here for Hire #1 6.0 First Luke Cage


Luke Cage Here for Hire #1, first appearance of the "Power Man" Luke Cage, and William Stryker, very popular Marvel Bronze key in 6.0 CGC off white to white pages.

Marvel Spotlight #5 First Ghost Rider 6.0


Regarded as the top 3 Bronze Age keys, Marvel Spotlight #5 marks the first appearance of Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze, in fine 6.0 CGC off white to white pages.

Alias #1 9.8 First Appearance of Jessica Jones


 Alias #1, first appearance of Jessica Jones, in 9.8 White Pages (CGC 2nd Highest Graded, only 1 book higher at 9.9), modern Marvel key book that continues to gain popularity. 

Amazing Spider-Man #300 9.8 SS First Venom


Bay far the most coveted and valuable Copper Age key book, Amazing Spider-Man #300 marks the first full appearance of Venom and with the new movie set to release, demand for this book has shot up 10 fold. Signature Series signed by creator Stan Lee PGX 9.8 NM (Highest Graded Signature Series)

Daredevil #168 9.0 First Appearance of Elektra


Daredevil #168, first appearance of Elektra Nachios, one of Marvel's most popular recent characters, continues to be a hot book with the recent success of Daredevil Netflix series. Near Mint 9.0 CBCS White Pages (Newsstand Fresh!)

Marvel Preview #4 9.4 First Appearance of Star Lord


First Appearance of Star Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy / Avengers Movie. Very rare in high grade, CGC census 3rd highest graded at 9.4 less than 200 higher.

Silver Surfer #44 First Infinity Gauntlet NM/M


Modern Age key, first appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet, Avengers Movie, rare in high grade, raw grade, original owner.

Infinity Gauntlet #1 NM/M Avengers Movie


Infinity Gauntlet #1, Avengers Movie, classic Thanos cover in near mint to mint condition, raw grade, original owner.

Harbinger #1 NM/M


Movie coming in 2019. Low print run of less than 48K, one of the top modern age keys books hard to find in high grade. Raw grade, original owner.

Solar Man of Atom #10 NM


First appearance of Eternal Warrior, One of the lowest print run Valiant's, all black cover very hard to find in near mint to mint. Raw grade, original owner.

Omega Men #3 NM/M


First Appearance of Lobo, hot book and rare in high grade. Raw grade, original owner.

Amazing Spiderman #361 9.8 First Carnage


First Appearance of Carnage, verified signature of illustrator Mark Bagley NM/MT 9.8 CBCS, only 1 actual signature series book graded higher, but this is the Newsstand Edition UPC variant, which makes it extremely rare!

New Mutants #98 9.8 First Deadpool


First Appearance of Deadpool, consistently the hottest modern age book over the last 5+ years. This is the highest graded New Mutants #98 Red Label book at 9.8 NM/MT verified signed by co-creator Fabian Nicieza.

X-Men #266 9.8 SS First Gambit


First appearance of Gambit highest graded SS book in CGC Census at 9.8 NM/M signed by Artist Joe Rubenstein, very rare in high grade and even more rare in signature series high grade! Gambit movie coming soon!