#10- Hulk #1- $375,000

It's crazy to think that at #10, we're starting with sales this high for a single book, but yes, these 2 books that are tied have barely made it with sales in the near $400K range! And we should add, the list is of individual books so we don't list multiple record sales of the same book. 

At #10 we have a tie for the first appearance of Hulk & Iron Man., Hulk #1, the first appearance of Hulk, had a very low print run and extremely hard to find at higher grades. The Hulk #1 record sale was a 9.2, there is only 1 book higher at a 9.4 and surely if it came to auction would surpass many of the books on the list and most suredly the 9.6 sale of Tales of Suspense #39. 


#10- Tales of Suspense #39- $375,000

The other tie for #10 is Tales of Suspense #39, first appearance of Iron Man sold for $375,000. As mentioned above, note this record sale for this book was a 9.6, 2 grades higher than the Hulk #1 9.2 and the sale was during the height of the Iron Man movie craze a few years back. Hard to say what another 9.6 would fetch in today's market.   


#9- Sensation Comics #1- $399,000

Like Tales of Suspense #39 above, this was a 9.6 grade for Sensation Comics #1, not the first appearance of Wonder Woman, but her first cover. It came out roughly a month after All Star Comics 8, Wonder Woman's first appearance, but she was not on the cover. This is our first of many Golden Age Grails that make the list, which are considered most coveted and rare to find in any grade, let alone a 9.6!


#8- Flash Comics #1- $450,000

Flash Comics #1, the first appearance of the Golden Age Flash. It wasn't until later (1956) n Showcase #4 where the Flash we're all more familiar with, red suited Barry Allen comes to life. This book at a 9.6 is by far the highest graded and was sold years ago, so we wonder how much more it would sell for in today's market.


#7- X-Men #1 $492,000

In at #7 is X-Men #1, the first appearance of the mutant super-hero team at a whopping $492,000! Note that this book is highest graded of all the books on the list at a NM/M 9.8!


#6- Superman #1- $507,000

Superman #1, the first comics with a super hero in his own title from 1939! Also note the grade, at only a 5.5 this book makes the cut at a record sale of $505,000 in 2017. There is a Church copy in the 8 range and if that ever came to market it would be safe to say it would reach $1M or more and put this title in the top 3. It's such a hard book to find in any grade and is one of the most sought after books with collectors.


#5- Batman #1- $567,000

Batman #1, needs no introduction comes in at #5. Note this book was a 9.2 NM so imagine if Superman #1 was in this grade! Such an iconic cover and still a very impressive sale price. 


#4- All Star Comics #8- $936,000

OK now we're pushing the $1 Million mark! The first appearance of Wonder Woman, a 9.4 copy (highest graded) sold on Ebay in 2016 for a record price above and beyond what anyone thought it would bring. 


#3- Detective Comics #27- $1,075,000

First appearance of Batman, the caped crusader in 8.0 and sold years ago. There are believed to be a handful of 9.0 copies and many say if any one of these came to market it may surpass even #1 on the current list. There's a huge debate, Batman vs. Superman, though Superman has always seemed to edge out Batman in sales, there is a strong argument that may make this the most valuable comic of all time. 


#2- Amazing Fantasy #15- $1,100,000

The only Silver Age book in the top 5, of course it has to be the first appearance of Spider-Man right? This 9.6 graded book came to market years ago and brought in a surprising $1.1M! Any Amazing Fantasy #15 has seen massive gains over the years and looks like there is no end in sight, especially in higher grades.


#1- Action Comics #1- $3,207,000

Well here it is and to many as no surprise, the first appearance of Superman at 9.0 sold on ebay for over $3 Million dollars back in 2014. This book always seems to break records, recently an 8.5 sold just north of $2 Million dollars. Again, neck and neck with Tec27 for #1 and #2, it will be interesting if a similar graded Tec27 comes to market to challenge Superman's reign at #1. There is believed to be a Church copy that may be a 9.2 or perhaps a 9.4 if ever graded, which may put this North of $5M in value.