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Featured Grail - Fantastic four #1 9.2 SS (HIGHEST GRADED)


Fantastic Four #1 9.2 NM Signature Series Signed by Stan Lee

Here it is, hands down the most important silver age comic book period! This is the book that started it all... The Marvel Age begins with Fantastic Four #1! Without this book, essentially there would be no Marvel Universe, no Spider-Man, no Avengers, no Hulk, no Thor, No Iron Man, no Ant-Man, No X-Men, No Black Panther, no Doctor Strange and the list goes on. This example is THE highest graded known Signature Series Fantastic Four #1 out of the three major grading companies on the planet. It was witnessed and signed by the creator of what we refer to as The Marvel Universe, the legendary Stan Lee. This is an extremely rare book in high grade, just to give you an idea, the CGC Census highest graded Signature Series Fantastic Four #1 is 8.0, nothing in the near mint category.  To complement this ultra rare near mint example, it's accompanied by newsstand fresh White Pages! The last unrestored 9.2 that hit the market sold for over $200,000 5+ years ago and was not a signature series book signed by the creator Stan Lee, so you do that math. The other known high grade Fantastic Four #1 is a CBCS 9.4 verified signature (not witnessed) red label book signed by co-creator Jack Kirby and is currently being offered on the comic link exchange site for $650,000. With Stan recently leaving us, it's hard to say what this example would go for in today's current market. It seemed as if Stan would live forever like his super hero counterparts, RIP Stan, your legacy will live on for generations to come with this book and others!

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