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 Signed works and books from the most famous Artists of our time; Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Warhol, etc. Plus signed memorabilia from the greatest sports and iconic legends of all time, Babe Ruth, Ali, Pele, Neil Armstrong and more.  

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Action Comics #1 1938 First Appearance of Superman CGC Universal

Here it is, hands down the most important & Valuable comic book period! To put it simply, there is no comic book more highly regarded than this one: It is the undisputed king of the grails. It features the first appearance of Superman, including his origin story of being sent to Earth from a dying planet. Many consider this book the start of the Golden Age. A world Record sale for a comic book was set with Action Comics #1 for $3,207,000 back in 2014 and many believe that very book today in 2019 is $5M+ making it the most valuable book in existence. There are believed to be 50-100 copies of Action Comics #1 and only 40 of those in the CGC Census are unrestored Universal. This book is coverless, otherwise complete and unrestored with its CGC Universal Blue Label. The first page recently sold for over $25,000 as a brittle page, to date the first 4 individual pages of the book have sold for over $50,000 over the last year and non Superman pages sell anywhere from $2000-10,000+ for this book! This very book set the world record for a coverless book last year and we're very proud to have a complete copy of Action #1 in our collection. 

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