All Star Comics #8 0.3


First Appearance of Wonder Woman. Listed at #4 in our top 10 sold, coverless otherwise complete, 5 center wraps detached. Though this was her first appearance she was not on the cover until Sensation Comics #1 a month later. Slightly brittle pages.  *SOLD*

Batman #1 0.3


Batman 1 1940, first appearance of Joker / Catwoman, origin retold, missing cover and centerfold otherwise complete, CGC slabbed blue label unrestored. Rare off-white to white pages. Listed as #5 in Top 10 Sold. *SOLD*

Batman #1 0.1


Batman 1, 1940 first appearances of Joker / Catwoman, origin retold. 1, 29 and 31st pages only. 29th page trimmed, has the coveted origin page displayed. cream to off-white pages.

Daredevil vs Hitler #1 1941 0.3


Rare book Daredevil vs. Hitler #1, 1941, months before Pearl Harbor and the US involvement in WW2. Coverless otherwise complete CGC blue label unrestored, cream to off-white pages. 

Detective Comics #29 0.3


Second Batman Cover, rare in any condition, coverless CGC Blue label unrestored. 1st, 2nd and 14th wrap missing, light tan to cream pages.

Detective Comics #32 0.3


Coverless, CGC Blue label unrestored. CGC Notes this is the first time a hero uses a gun in comics. Page 32 missing, cream to off-white pages. 

Superman #1 0.3


Superman #1 1939, Origin of Superman told, one of the top 5 most valuable comics, rare in any condition, coverless, missing 1st and 15th wrap and 31st page. CGC notes there are 56 higher in census. 

Superman #1 Origin PG 1


Rare Superman #1 pg 1, origin page raw and unrestored. Keep as is, slab it or add it to finish a book. 

MAD #1-12 9.0


Mad #1-12 1952 untrimmed when bound, very rare set of the first 12 Mad books, the first ever satire comic by Alfred E. Neuman. In Near Mint condition 9.0, Provenance- the Second City Collection. *SOLD*

Superman #5 1.0


Raw Superman #5, 1.0 Fair but complete copy independently graded. Harder and harder to find these early GA Superman books complete and unrestored. 

Batman #2 0.3


Batman #2 1940, missing 2 of the 4 Batman stories, incomplete, though as seen, rare iconic cover is in tact. *SOLD*

Detective Comics #1 0.3


The book that started it all for DC, the first issue of "Detective Comics", 1937, recognized as the first comic of the Golden Age and is extremely rare in any condition, noted only 15 blue label books in the CGC Census, missing first 2 wraps, otherwise complete. 

Superman #1 PG 18


Superman #1 pg 18 slabbed and unrestored, Superman title and start of story at top. 

All Star Comics #8 .3


 First Appearance of Wonder Woman. Raw coverless book, missing centerfold, some staining on first page, otherwise complete. Entire Wonder Woman story in tact. *SOLD*

Superman #1 Pgs. 1-30


Here is Superman #1 CGC Blue Label book mentioned above including origin pg 1, 15 and 18 all slabbed, only missing pgs. 31 & 32, which are ads and credits does not affect story.