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Welcome to our Disney Original Art & Print page- A growing collection of very rare Disney art, drawings, story boards and original print. The most recent pieces featured below came from two of the largest collections of original, hand-drawn, vintage Disney animation art ever offered at auction. The sale featured animation drawings, as well as original concept, layout and storyboard drawings featuring characters beloved by generations of fans. The cover feature piece to the left, a rare studio promo original art piece of Mickey Mouse (1 of 1) was won by us and featured below in more detail...

Toy Story Storyboard Drawing Original Art (Disney/Pixar, 1995)


 Jorgen Klubien - "Toy Story" Storyboard Drawing Original Art (Disney/Pixar, 1995). Award-winning director, screenwriter, storyboard artist, designer, and animator Jorgen Klubien, takes pencil in hand to create this lively storyboard sketch featuring Buzz Lightyear  as he battles Zurg's evil robots. This action-packed scene is rendered in graphite and blue pencil and fills the page. Rare piece is 15.5" x 13.5" framed under glass. The image area measures 11" x 8.5" and the art is in Excellent condition.

"Toy Story" Woody Concept Drawing (Disney/Pixar, 1995)


"Toy Story" Woody Concept Drawing (Disney/Pixar, 1995). "You've got a friend in me!" Toy Story was the first CGI feature and introduced a whole new approach to animated movies. Its lead characters Woody and Buzz became synonymous with the notion of best friends. Presented here is an original art concept drawing of Woody from the production of this groundbreaking Disney/Pixar collaboration. The drawing features Woody laying on Andy's bed. The character measures 4" x 4" and is drawn in graphite. The rare piece is in a 15.5" x 13.5" frame under glass. Woody has a mat opening of 8" x 5", the art shows minor handling and condition is Very Good.

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Original Storyboard (Touchstone/Walt Disney, 1993)


"But you're the Pumpkin King!" - Says Sally. 

Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween Town, finds a portal to Christmas Town and becomes "Sandy Claws!" This landmark film, directed by Henry Selick, premiered on 10/13/93. Here is an outstanding panorama concept storyboard artwork featuring Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, showing the Santa-bearded Jack peering into a mirror as Sally looks on. Jack feels so much better with his Santa outfit on, but realizes he's missing something...a Santa hat! Sally reminds him he's the pumpkin king! Accomplished in pastel and colored pencil on black 20 x 8 artist's board, with a wavy red line around the border. In fine condition, considered very rare.  

Ratatouille Original Preliminary Concept Storybook Art (Disney/Pixar, 2007)


Carson Van Osten Ratatouille Storybook Preliminary Illustration Group of 18 (Disney/Pixar, c. 2007). Fantastic group of layout preliminary artwork for the beloved story of a rat named Remy who is befriended by Linguini, who, with the help of his rat friend becomes the star chef at Paris' famed restaurant Gusteau's! This art work was done for a storybook based on the Pixar animated film, in conjunction during the release of the movie in 2007. Any original art from the acclaimed Pixar movie "Ratatouille" is considered rare and very desirable. The art, drawn by Disney Legend Carson Van Osten (1945 - 2015) is in graphite on onionskin paper, with image areas measuring 8" x 5" and 8" x 5.5" on paper measuring 12" x 9". Includes pages numbered 1-16, 18, and 19. In Very Good overall condition, with minor handling and edge wear. From the Carson Van Osten Archives. 

Cinderella Grand Duke and Glass Slipper Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1950)


 "I regret to inform you sire, that the young lady has disappeared, only leaving this glass slipper" the Grand Duke tells the sleeping King behind his closed doors. Once awakened, the Grand Duke is sent off to find the lady whose foot will fit into this glass slipper. This is an outstanding 16 field hand-inked, hand-painted production cel of the Grand Duke in the coach off to search for the missing woman that goes with this slipper. Great overall image of 8". The cel is on a print background for presentation purposes. A rare glass slipper cel! Minor handling overall condition is Very Good.

Peter Pan Captain Hook Animation Drawing (Walt Disney, 1953).


"I say Captain, do you hear something?" says Peter to a dangling Captain Hook, hanging precariously by his hook to the rocks as "Tick-Tock" the Crocodile awaits him below. Wow, what an image of mean ol' Hook! This is a fantastic original animation rough, drawn in red pencil and graphite on 16 field paper. This very large, well-centered image has a figure size of about 11" tall, and is noted as #112 in the lower right corner. The Management Bond watermarks can be seen to the lower left and to the upper right of Hook's arm. In Very Good condition with minor handling wear. 

The Jungle Book Mowgli Close- Up Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1967)


 (Walt Disney Studios, 1967) Original production cel featuring a rare close-up of Mowgli from The Jungle Book. The cel is placed on a Disney litho background for presentation purposes. Image measures 4.5 x 6.75, with a mat opening of 10 x 8. Matted to an overall size of 14 x 12. The backing bears a gold label stating that it is an original hand-painted celluloid actually used in a Walt Disney production, and was released exclusively at Disneyland. In fine condition, with some staining to the mat.

The Jungle Book Mowgli and Hathi Jr. Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1967)


 The Jungle Patrol, sometimes referred to as The Dawn Patrol by Bagheera, is a herd of elephants led by Colonel Hathi. In this image we see Mowgli and Hathi Jr. in the jungle patrol which is run similarly to a military unit, with Colonel Hathi as commanding office. Hathi Jr was voiced by Clint Howard, the brother of Ron Howard while Mowgli was voiced by Bruce Reitherman, the son of Woolie Reitherman, the director of The Jungle Book as well as one of "Walt's Nine Old Men." This original production cel from the film was hand-painted on 12 field acetate and paired with a copy/print background for presentation purposes. The piece is in a frame of 16.5" x 14.5" under glass with a mat opening of 11" x 9". Frame sold as-is. This is an original Disneyland Art Corner cel setup. The gold foil sticker is on the reverse. Art Corner cels are highly sought after by discerning collectors. Condition is Very Good. From the MacLaughlin Family Disney Collection. 

The Jungle Book Mowgli and Baloo Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1967)


"Forget about your worries and your cares!" This is a terrific hand-painted 16 field production cel of Mowgli on the back of his bear friend Baloo. Baloo was voiced by the great Phil Harris. This was the last animated feature film at the Disney Studio to be supervised by Walt Disney before his passing. Great HUGE large 2-character image of 8.5". Nice facial expression on Mowgli as he looks back toward the viewer. The number 20 is written in the bottom right corner of this full 16 field cel. The cel is on a print background for presentation purposes. Minor handling wear. Condition is Very Good. 

Pinocchio "No Strings" Animation Drawing (Walt Disney, 1940)


"I've got no strings on me!" sings Pinocchio in his Russian dance sequence, when he performs with wood puppets for Stromboli. This is an original 12 field 5-peghole animation drawing of Pinocchio in that "I've Got No Strings" song sequence dance. Art is in graphite with red and green pencil highlights, with a nice full-figure image of 6". This great production drawing is matted with an opening of 10" x 8.5" and framed with glass for an overall size of 16" x 16". Frame is sold as-is. Art condition is Very Good. 

Beauty and the Beast Animation Drawing (Walt Disney, 1991)


 Here is an impressive original animation rough drawing of the Beast as he licks his wounds after saving Belle from the pack of wolves, at the around the 40:31 mark. This was from what has been called Disney's Animation Renaissance and the first animated feature to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. The rough animation drawings like this are often considered livelier and more dynamic that the clean-up drawings, as they are directly from the animator's hand. The large image of this title character measures 9" x 9" and is rendered in graphite on 16 field paper. It is framed under glass with a mat opening of 14" x 10" in a 21" x 17" frame. The paper shows minor handling and condition is Very Good. Frame is sold as-is.

Cars #0 Cover First Comic Adaptation From Pixar Movie Series Original Art (2009)


Artist Alan Gladfelter created this cover to Cars #0 (2009) based on the Pixar franchise.  Cars is a popular Pixar film set in a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic talking cars and other vehicles. In 2009 BOOM! licensed the property from Disney/Pixar and created its first comic book series. This was the first comic book cover for the franchise as issue #0. Lightning McQueen (on cover) organizes a rally race on the dirt roads around Radiator Springs to raise money for his favorite charity.  Very rare piece of Disney/Pixar history! 

Rare Mickey Mouse Studio Promo Original Art (Walt Disney, c. 1930s)


 Rare Mickey Mouse Studio Promo Drawing Original Art (Walt Disney, c. 1930s). Walt Disney always liked to remind people that "it all started with a mouse," so let's begin this special auction with that mouse. We are of course talking about Mickey Mouse, seen here in a very rare drawing created for publicity use. Mickey squats down to sign his first name with an old-fashioned quill feather pen in this blue pencil drawing, done on 12 field 2-peghole paper. The image of Mickey is nicely detailed, but the unusual thing about this piece is that our Main Mouse can't spell his own name! This amusing blooper was "corrected" by someone adding an "e" in graphite to the drawing. Mickey's image measures 5.25" x 3.5", and the entire image area is 9.5" x 3.75". There is a large corner crease in the lower left that narrowly misses the "M" within the image, and there's a small bit of paper loss to the upper right corner; paper also has some mild toning. Good condition. Note: This was the cover feature in the "Mickey and Friends The Animators Vault Collection Auction", which was one of the largest auction of sketches and drawings from the animators Vault from Walt Disney Studios. We are very pleased to have recently acquired this signature Mickey Mouse Original Art piece.

Mickey's Elephant Mickey Mouse Animation Drawings (1936)


 Mickey's Elephant Mickey Mouse Animation Drawings Sequence of 4 (Walt Disney, 1936). "Won't Pluto be surprised when he sees you - and your swell new house!" Mickey could have fun doing anything - even building a new doghouse - er, elephant house, that is. Gleefully skipping down a ladder, he bends and releases a handsaw with a flick of the wrist. As a token of his affection, the Rajah of Gahboon has sent Mickey a playmate for Pluto - a diminutive baby elephant named Bobo. Mickey wastes no time in constructing a brand new - and curiously-shaped - house for the playful pachyderm - from scratch, no less. Pluto misreads his master's intentions, however, and fears that his place of honor as Mickey's best friend, will be usurped. Ultimately, the Disney artists would strive to bring the character of Bobo back to the screen 12 years later in 1948; though some animation was completed the short was never released. This film was released on October 10, 1936 and was directed by Dave Hand. These drawings of Mickey and Bobo can be seen near the 1:15 point in the short. Bobo is excited to see his new house and starts to rush over to it. However, Mickey says it won't be ready until it's been painted first, so Mickey distracts the baby elephant with a rubber ball. Mickey stands 4" high and is rendered in graphite on 12 field 5-peghole animation paper. The corresponding drawing of the handsaw flying away is on a separate sheet of paper. Drawings are in Fine condition.  Provenance- From the "Mickey and Friends The Animators Vault Collection Auction".

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Old Hag with Apple Animation Drawing (1937)


 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Old Hag with Apple Animation Drawing (1937) 

"This is no ordinary apple... It's a magic wishing apple!" says the Old Hag to Snow White in Walt Disney's masterpiece, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Premiering on 12/21/37 at the Carthay Circle Theater, one of Hollywood's most famous movie palaces, with a world-wide release on 2/4/38, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tells the story of a lonely princess living with her stepmother, the narcissistic Queen Grimhilde voiced by Lucille La Verne. Also known as the Evil Queen, she transforms into the Old Hag to deliver a poison apple to Snow White after the Huntsman fails to kill the young princess as ordered. In this lot we have a terrific drawing depicting the Old Hag as she offers the poison apple to "the fairest in the land." This is a significant piece of animation history, and one of the most recognizable scenes in Disney movies. Rendered in graphite with red pencil on 16 field 5-peghole animation paper. The condition of this drawing is Very Good.  Provenenace- This piece was one of the featured lots in the "Mickey and Friends The Animators Vault Collection Auction".

*Pending Sale*

Peter Pan Original Production Drawing (Walt Disney, 1953)


 Peter Pan Original Production Drawing (Walt Disney, 1953).
Walt Disney once said of Peter Pan, "Peter is at home with mermaids and understands their language. He is twelve years old forever simply because he refuses to grow up beyond that comfortable age. Most remarkable of all, he knows where Never Land is and how to get there." In this lot we have a wonderful drawing of Peter Pan from the film of the same name, released on 2/5/53 and directed by Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, and Wilfred Jackson. This full figured drawing of Peter measures 5" x 6", rendered in graphite and red pencil on 12 field, 3-peghole animation paper. Normal handling and edge wear, very mild age-related toning. Very Good condition.  Provenance- From the "Mickey and Friends The Animators Vault Collection Auction".

Little Toot Original Storyboard (Walt Disney, 1948)


 Little Toot is a mischievous little tugboat who lives in the harbor of New York City. He is the main protagonist of Walt Disney's 1948 short subject film, Little Toot, a segment to the 1948 film Melody Time. While his father Big Toot works hard towing ships throughout the port and out to sea, Little Toot prefers to play about, carelessly annoying the big ocean liners with his giant figure eights. After Little Toot causes a big ship to spin out of control, and crash into the city, he is escorted in chains outside the harbor limits by the Harbor Patrol as punishment for his actions. He tearfully watches the other boats shun him as a criminal. From Little Toot we a fantastic storyboard frame. The mixed media illustration measures 8.25" x 6" and shows Little Toot as he's surrounded by the other ships. Very Good condition.  Provenance- From the "Mickey and Friends The Animators Vault Collection Auction".

Donald Duck First Appearance, June 1934 (The Wise Little Hen)


 From a Walt Disney Silly Symphony: The Wise Little Hen" in Good Housekeeping, June 1934

Vol. XCVIII, No. 6. 234 pp. Very Good condition. Illustrated covers are bright, spine has a bit of loss along the top and bottom edges; cover has a few faint stains and scuffs. Internally near fine. The official first appearance of the beloved cartoon character Donald Duck was in a comic on pg. 37 of this issue of the popular magazine Good Housekeeping. It was a preview of sorts of the cartoon The Wise Little Hen, well-known as Donald Duck's celluloid debut. Here he's just "Duck" and his sailor duds are unmistakable. Very rare piece of Disney history.

Fantasia Orchid Girl Concept Art (Walt Disney, 1940)


Outstanding pastel concept art of the Orchid Girl for the Russian dance sequence in the Nutcracker Suite sequence of Fantasia. In this section we see the Orchid girls dancing with the Thistle Boys. Stunning pastel on black paper. The artwork is attributed to the hand of Mr. Elmer Plummer (1910 - 1986). The artwork is in a frame of 17" x 14.5" with a mat opening of 10.5" x 8". Nice image of 6". Great purple pastel base. Beautiful piece of Fantasia concept art. Frame is sold as-is. Artwork is in Very Good condition. 

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1959)


 "The Princess shall indeed grow in grace and be loved by all around her. BUT, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel... and DIE!" So says the evil fairy Maleficent after showing up uninvited at Princess Aurora's christening. Maleficent is indeed one of Disney's most frightening villains, and her image is one of the most popular with collectors of Disney animation art. This is a great profile of Maleficent, clutching her scepter. The cel's figure size is about 6", placed on a print background for presentation purposes. Matted with an opening of 10.5" x 8", and framed with Plexiglas for an overall size of 18.75" x 16.25". Frame is sold as-is. Fine condition.  

Sleeping Beauty Prince Phillip Production Cel (Walt Disney, 1959)


(Walt Disney Studios, 1959) Rare original production cel of Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, showing the character in a large close-up portrait pose. Prince Phillip is regarded as one of Disney's most loved heroic characters, eventually saving the Princess Aurora from the evil Maleficent. The cel is placed on a color copy background. Image measures 6.25 x 6.75, with overall dimensions of 17 x 11. In fine condition. 

Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dragon w/Sword Original Drawing (Walt Disney, 1959)


 (Walt Disney Studios, 1959) Original production drawing of Maleficent as a dragon from Sleeping Beauty, depicting the towering beast fatally pierced with the 'sword of truth.'  This drawing was done before they were transferred and painted on the cel. Accomplished by artist Eric Cleworth in graphite on untrimmed 15.5 x 12.5 animation paper, which is marked in the lower right, "31." Image measures 13.25 x 10.75. In fine condition. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Howard Lowery.  

Fantasia "The Pastoral Symphony" Original Concept Art (Walt Disney, 1940)


The classic Walt Disney animated feature film, Fantasia gained a huge cult following since its first release in theatrical roadshow engagements on 11/13/40. The film is notably important to the film industry as a milestone in the creation of the modern music video. From this masterpiece of film making, we have an extraordinary piece of concept art. The artwork is from The Pastoral Symphony sequence and was rendered in watercolor by Mel Schwartzman. The piece measures 9.5" x 7" in a frame of 16.75" x 13". Frame sold as-is. This remarkable piece of animation art would be a terrific addition to any serious animation art collection. From the Basmajian Collection. Very Good condition. From the MacLaughlin Family Disney Collection.

More Disney Art Coming Soon (Ratatouille Original Art Shown Here)...


More Disney Art on the way, stay tuned...

(Ratatouille Disney/Pixar Original Illustration Storybook art shown here was drawn by Legendary Disney Arts Carson Van Osten and was created during the same era circa 2007 of the movie production, considered rare.)